Thursday, October 05, 2006


There are a few points I want to address. I keep seeing things in the press and on the blogs (which I never read until all of this started going on).

First, I can't believe that Speaker Dennis Hastert is blaming this blog on people like George Soros and Bill Clinton. That's just an attempt at escaping responsibility. What does it matter who actually posted those first emails? Which leads me to my next point.....

How the heck can the FBI investigate this? Media reports say that they had the emails that I posted over a year ago. How are they investigating the House leadership for not handling it when they got the emails and they didn't look into it either?

Although I totally blasted the media earlier for being lame for a whole year on this matter, I think they may be our best hope for the entire truth coming out in this matter. So, I hope they will ask questions about not only when Republican Leadership knew about it, what they did, how they were connected, what favors took place, etc; BUT, I hope they will also ask questions about who in the FBI let this go without investigating.

The TRUE HERO here is the page who reported the emails in the first place. Can you imagine how he has felt over the past year? For an ENTIRE year, NOTHING was done to show this kid that he was justified in reporting this sexual predator to the authorities. I've seen a lot of press and read a lot of blogs in the past week, but NOBODY has given this kid credit for the incredible courage that he showed not only a year ago, but for the entire past year while he MUST have questioned if he did the right thing. Well, he did. Kudos to him.