Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm not quite sure what to say. I started this blog a couple of months ago with the aim of stopping sex predators. It looks like we stopped ONE. A corrupt Congressman has resigned and dropped out of his race for re-election. THIS IS A GOOD START. And it's a good and visible start.

But let's not lose aim of what this site is about. This is a high moment in the beginning of our little web community. I've been very pleased at the amazing response we've had.

Please continue to visit the sight on a regular basis and report any information you know or have heard that we can look into.

We have gotten inquiries from almost every major news outlet in the country. Perhaps if we get good information on here again, I can go back to some of those reporters and they can help expose these predators. It might not be as big of a news story as the past few days, but maybe we can keep stopping them!!!!! That's what we're here for!! Thank you everyone for helping to stop our FIRST sex predator!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I haven't posted anything since those emails came through. I never intended for this blog to go in this direction. BUT, after a lot of thought, I decided that this is just one moment in the roadway of this blog and it's actually living up to its purpose.

SO, WE NEED MORE INFORMATION!!! The number of hits the blog is getting is steadily increasing. Does anyone know anything about CONGRESSMAN RODNEY ALEXANDER? There are some comments under the post of the emails from Congressman Foley. What does it mean?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Emails from Congressman Foley to 16 Year Old Page!!!!

This is absolutely amazing. I just received these emails. They were sent by Congressman Mark Foley to a 16-year-old male page. I have removed his name to protect his identity. But how shocking is this? I can't believe this was emailed to me? There must be even more out there. Email me at and let me know what we should do!!!! Something must be done!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! This is another email that I received today. I'm absolutely flabbergasted. KEEP THE EMAILS COMING!!!!! Maybe we will get enough to make something happen!! Email me at .

Here's the email:

From: No Body
Date: Sep 21, 2006 11:18 AM
Subject: No Laughing Matter
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I am tired of people treating this thing with Congressman Mark Foley like ajoke. It is not funny. He's a danger to any young, slightly attractive youngman on The Hill. I came to Washington because I care about the future ofAmerica. I wanted to be around good and decent men like President GeorgeBush. Instead, I feel like a piece of meat. The worst part of it for me isthere appear to be plenty of my fellow interns who don't mind Foley'sparticular "path to power." Please, if there is anyone who knows what Ishould do tell me. I am genuinely afraid of this man. Anytime he is aroundhe just leers and one guy told me he asked for his email address and got abunch of invitations to go out and "party" whatever that means. Help. Help.Help.

Shocking Emails:

I have been away for a while, so please accept my apologies for the lack of blog posts. BUT....while I was away, the blog has been noticed and some shocking emails have been received!!!! I can hardly believe it! I'm posting each one below. It's proof that the Congressional Corruption of the past is alive and well today. It's up to us to expose it and stop this predatory harassment! Please promote the blog and email any further information to . Together we will make a difference!

From: congress intern
Signed-By: Mailed-By:
Date: Sep 12, 2006 12:34 PM
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I saw your article’s about Congressional sex scandals with interns. Let me share what happened to me.I was near the end of my internship for Congressman Foley’s office he asked me for my email. I was not sure why he wanted but I gave it to him anyway. A few days later I got an email from him in the middle of the night asking me for pictures. I sent him a few pictures of me and other interns at work. A few days later he emailed me asking for more pictures of me but not from work. He was looking for personal pictures of me. I ignored the email he started emailing me telling me that he was going to be visiting my area. H e said he wanted to get together with me. he wanted me to come up to his hotel romm. I think that he was looking to have sex with me. After\n that email I block him from my email address


From: hill boy
Signed-By: Mailed-By:
Date: Sep 17, 2006 7:55 PM
Subject: Outraged by skinterns?
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After reading your post on skinterns I wanted to fill you in on what really goes on in the halls of Congress.
I used to be a House LA on the Hill working.
When I was working up there, folks use to refer to the Terrible Three – Barney Frank, Mark Foley, and Jim Kolbe.
Everyone knows about Barney Frank’s exploits…living with a man who ran a gay prostitute ring out of Frank’s house…and how he how used to hit on men much younger than him.
And Jim Kolbe…everyone who works on the Hill has heard rumors about Kolbe. One of my friends even told me that Kolbe hit on him on several occasions.
Despite all the stories, Frank and Kolbe are well respected because when they got caught, they admitted that they were gay.
That and neither Frank nor Kolbe have anything on Foley.
People were always talking about seeing Foley lurking in locker rooms around DC looking for sex, how he especially likes teenage boys, and frequents gay bars around D.C. and in his district.

From: repub intern
Date: Sep 18, 2006 2:07 PM
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My dad who gives a lot of money to republicans got me an internship capitolhill. I thought that I was hot shit, having such a good internship after myfreshman year of college.After a few weeks, I was finally learning my way around DC and I wasenjoying my job.One night, I decided to go out with my new fake ID to my first gay bar.I went to this bar named Coblot.There was old guy who would not leave me alone. He kept following me around.I tried to get him to leave me alone by going to the bathroom.Instead he followed me in and tried to grope me.A few days later my boss had me run something over to another congressmansoffice. It turned out that the guy who groped me was Representative MarkFoley.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Ever heard of the term "skintern?" It's a repulsive term that folks in Washington are apparently applying to interns in a culture that accepts them wearing skimpy clothing in order to get ahead in the job market. I came across the term searching another blog site. That post is below. Then there are links to other reputable news agencies, such as the Washington Times and ABC News. There is even an article in an Australian newspaper. What perverts they must think our leadership is!!

I can't believe this environment is tolerated! Who knows what is leads to.......

Post from

Just when you thought all that flip-flop bashing and all those “OMG, our interns are too hot!” stories were totally played out, here comes the Times’ Stephanie Mansfield, late to the party but eager to please:
It’s the unofficial uniform of the summer interns, gaggles of college-age women and recent graduates who invade buttoned-down conservative Washington every summer, bringing a large dose of hotitude to offices from Capitol Hill to K Street. They’re known as “skinterns.” Those who think “belly shirts” are career wear. If the devil wears Prada, the skinterns wear nada. As if Washington wasn’t sweltering enough.
Um, hotitude? Stephanie, please contain yourself! All Times interns, especially those wearing “…miniskirts, stiletto heals, low-cut spandex tops…” are hearby warned to think twice before getting within arm’s reach of Ms. Mansfield’s overheated desk.

Showing Off a Bit of Skin [Washington Times]

Link from ABC News:

Link from Washington Times:

Link from Australian News:,20867,19735045-29677,00.html

Link from Free Republic:

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have just discovered this website:

This should be a bookmark on every parent's computer. Check it out to make sure your children aren't spending time near convicted sex offenders. It is commonly known that these people are repeat offenders. DON'T LET YOUR CHILD BE THEIR NEXT VICTIM.